Today’s EverQuest Next Landmark alpha patch contains some big and long-awaited features that should make life easier and more sociable in the new Norrathian society. Included in today's update are Facebook and Twitter integration and the new grouping option, which allows up to four players to team up and also gain a 20% harvesting bonus. Additionally, you can also craft a new mailbox at a Saw Table to send mail and attachments to friends as well as craft Portal Shards at a Forge, which will allow you to port to your islands hub or to a friend with a one-hour cooldown. You’ll also have a new ability to port back to your claim on a separate timer with a 30 minute cooldown.

Servers were brought down at 10AM PT for the update with an expected downtime of 2-3 hours. That’s enough of my ramblings. Here are the patch notes.

New Features!

  • You can now invite people to a party! Join up with your pals and get a 20% bonus to loot when miningharvesting. A party can have up to 4 people in it at any time. You can invite people to a Party in one of three ways:
    • If they're on your Friends list, right click their name and click "Invite to Party."
    • If you see them standing around in the world, right click on them and click "Invite to Party."
    • If they're not anywhere around, or not on your friends list, you can type "/party invite <player name>
    • We’ll be adding UI options for these in the very near future but didn’t want you to have to wait to play in parties! Here are the slash commands for everything you can do in a party.:
      • /party invite <playername>
      • /party accept
      • /party reject
      • /party kick <playername>
      • /party leave
      • /party disband
      • /party setowner <playername>
  • You can now send in-game mail to other players! Simply go to any Saw Table to craft a mailbox, and place it at your claim. From there, you can Send / Receive Mail and Attachments to any player.
  • You can now craft Portal Shards at any Forge, which allow you to Teleport to the Hub of the continent you're on, or to your claim directly. These two Teleport abilities share a 60 minute cool down.
  • You can also teleport to any player on your friends list! This ability has a separate cooldown from the Hub / Claim ability, and can be done every 30 minutes (and does not require a Portal Shard.)
  • We've added the ability to post directly to Facebook or Twitter from within the game! You can even include a screenshot if you want. You can access this from the Social window, available on the Start Menu.

Bug Fixes

  • We believe we have fixed the last issues with the Alpha Boost potion. In order to help us test this, we’ve temporarily added a recipe for the Alpha Potion to the Workbench. Feel free to craft one up (it only costs 1 dirt) and help us verify everything is working! We’ll be re-granting the potion to everyone that bought a Trailblazer pack at the start of Closed Beta to make sure you get the full benefit from the potion that we had intended!
  • We’ve added your current and max limit on storing voxels in templates to the template window. You can see it at the top of the window in order to help you better manage your templates.
  • The categories on the Crafting stations would sometimes show the incorrect items. This has been resolved.
  • Previously we did not provide the full list of missing materials when attempting to place a template down. Now we do!
  • You were previously unable to use your Material Picker (using the Alt Key) when outside of your claim. Now you can!
  • All the prop related permissions listed in the Claim Permission window should now work properly.
  • Building tools should now be more responsive, and not get “stuck” when near the boundary of your Claim
  • Coal, Essence of Earth, and a handful of other items went missing in your Supplies inventory. They have returned!
  • Updated a handful of icons, including all the crafting tables!
  • There was an issue when using the Translate widget on a selection volume that would cause the camera to move. This should be resolved.
  • Added FX to crafting animations, the Alchemy Table, and when you complete a crafted item
  • Your character on the Server Select screen would sometimes have a foggy or oversaturated appearance. This should look much better now. Undo/Redo will now work properly after a /camp and logging back in to the game.
  • Previously if you camped (or chose logout on the menu) of the game and then re-entered the game, undo/redo wouldn’t work. Now it works as expected.
  • Channel tabs would sometimes drop off from existing channels. They should stick around now.
  • Amaranthine loot should now look more appropriate while you’re out harvesting in the world.
  • The material tray will now show the total number of resources you have between your personal inventory and your vault. Previously it didn’t include your vault amounts.
  • Fixed an issue that made it sometimes difficult to select the faces on a Selection Volume. Previously you sometimes had to click in an area that didn’t have a material directly behind the face you were trying to select.
  • Tooltips should now position better when the mouse is near the edge of the screen.
  • Your claim drop down will now update appropriately when you make changes to the data in the claim management window.

The music will no longer restart when you open and close the map.

Escape should behave more consistently when you are trying to paste something into the world.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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