Funcom will eventually be bigger than Arnold's biceps.

Recently, Funcom released its Q3 2007 financial report, showing some interesting trends and putting most of the pressure on the release of the Age of Conan early next year. If you're interested in reading the whole thing, you can read it here. It's long...kinda boring. Financial-y.

While financial reports are never fun to look at, there were a few gems in there:

*The development of Age of Conan is on track for the revised launch date.
The planned changes to the game have so far been implemented on time.

*Funcom launched in-game sales of virtual items in Anarchy Online. Funcom
believes sale of in-game virtual items will be an important additional revenue
source for some future Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs).

*Funcom, including Plutolife, grew from 274 employees at the start
of Q3, 2007, to 288 employees as of September 30, 2007.

Other information in the financial report included a reference to the casual MMO they've begun developing and other information for the Age of Conan. We're continuing to track the company closely, so stay tuned!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016