GameSpy's 2006 PC Winners!

Get this... it isn't World of Warcraft! It's Guild
! Shocked? Me too. They explain their decision:

When a mammoth game like World of Warcraft is unleashed upon the world, it's
hard to take in the long view of the MMO market. But its four-million-odd
subscriber base be damned, there is a game out there that's pushing the boundaries
in more meaningful -- and, very likely, more far-reaching -- ways. That's
Guild Wars, which gets the nod here for a multitude of reasons. Primarily,
it provides a gameplay experience that's packed with topnotch content, well-designed
underlying systems, and amazing visuals. And it provides all this without
a monthly subscription. It's a bold move for an MMO, and when you consider
that the quality of Guild Wars' experience is on par with the best pay-for-play
MMOs out there, well, it's bound to make splashes. And we'll be feeling their
effects soon.

Best part- WoW was merely an "Honorable Mention." Bet thats gonna
stir up a lot of trouble!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016