With Aion's Refer-a-Friend program, wannabe players now have a way to get in game to try it out without having to fork over a dime. Don't have any friends that play so that you can snag a trial? No worries! The good people over at Aion Source have started a thread to unite those who have referrals available with those who want a trial.

4. This is a DEMO of Aion, not an unlimited free trial. As with any demo, it exists to give you a small taste of the game prior to making the purchase.

* Aion demo accounts are good for three days, five hours, or level 7, whichever is reached first. At that point, the Aion demo account expires. All of the character information and progress is retained so that a player can continue the adventure when he or she upgrades to a standard Aion account.

* To upgrade an Aion demo account to the standard game, go to the Aion section of the NCsoft Store, or purchase a retail box at one of our partner retailers.

Visit this thread to get your free trial and come join us in Aion!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016