Gods and Heroes: Exploring Cultures, Part Two

MMORPG.com posted the second part of their look at the cultures that will be found in the upcoming Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

The Samnites were an aggressive and proud tribe, and were one of Rome's most ferocious enemies throughout much of her history. There are very few remaining historical artifacts from the Samnites, but some of their primary visual aspects were a use of polygonal (5 or 6 sided usually) angular shapes, triangular patterns, natural materials including bone and feathers and some pretty unusual and edgy looking armor. The Gladiators of Rome were often warriors from other cultures captured in battle, and the Samnites were the most famous, skilled and vicious of these warriors. The Samnites are defined by their angular designs (triangles, zig-zags, thin repeated lines), natural materials and aggressive nature.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016