The idea of captaining your own airship and hiring other players on as your crew is certainly an appealing gameplay element, one that Guns of Icarus Online is looking to provide. This week the team over at Muse Games revealed the first gameplay video for Guns of Icarus Online that shows off what life is like on one of the player-run airships and several of the tasks that hired crew will have to take on in order to keep their ship in the air.

Check out the latest video on the Guns of Icarus Online website.

Guns of Icarus Online First Gameplay Trailer

Co-Op Steampunk Airship Combat!

Nov 22nd, 2011 – Muse Games ( is excited to bring the first gameplay footage of their upcoming MMO, Guns of Icarus Online. Guns of Icarus Online is a multiplayer airship combat game where you will attempt to survive and thrive in the post apocalyptic wasteland. Trade goods, build and crew your ship with other real players, and battle deadly pirates. See the first look at alpha test footage available at

Guns of Icarus Online, or GoIO, is a co-operative focused MMO where each player has an important role in the full action, tactical, combat. One player owns a ship and hires other players or NPCs to crew it for each mission. Each player has a role to fulfill, be it manning the guns, repairing damage, or piloting the ship, and each player must respond on the fly to a changing environment. Gunners may abandon their guns to repair a vital component or the pilot may ditch the wheel to add a little more firepower to a broadside sweep. A tactical, dynamic, and action packed universe awaits within Guns of Icarus Online.

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Muse Games is an NYC based company dedicated to delivering high quality Unity products to Mac, PC, and web browsers. Their flagship products, CreaVures and Guns of Icarus, are available on Steam, Mac App Store, Big Fish Games, as well as their own website. Muse Games also offers completely free Unity games playable from your web browser at their site. Find out more at


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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