The amazing barrage of assaults on gaming databases this year has claimed another victim with Nexon Korea. The company recently announced that its user database for MapleStory had been compromised and that intruders the personal details of more than 13.2 million MapleStory players that includes names, user IDs, passwords and residential registration numbers, which are the equivalent of social security numbers in the US (ouch) may have been compromised.

According to a report from The Korea Herald, no user details beyond Korea seem to have been compromised. Nexon is urging players in the affected area to change their passwords on MapleStory accounts and anywhere else that may have shared the compromised passwords.

"We operate separate servers in each country," said a Nexon spokesman. "Only Korean users' information was affected."

The attack is being called the second largest online security breach in the country’s history and is sad news for players and Nexon, who is scheduled to make its initial public offering in Tokyo next month.

The latest attack is another in a long string of account database breaches this year that include names such as Sony, BioWare, Turbine, Steam, Frogster and many others.


via Gamasutra

The Korea Herald

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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