A while back, it was discovered that queuing up long animations and ending your turn while Nozdormu is on the field could cause the game to effectively completely skip your opponent's turn. This was originally done by quickly cycling two Youthful Brewmasters, but has more recently been replicated by using long "joust" animations. Suffice it to say, Hearthstone devs didn't exactly plan for this to be a viable strategy.

Yesterday, Whirthun confirmed that the team was investigating what they deemed to be a bug:

Of course, the issue with animation times has been around for quite some time, and whether this was actually a "bug", or simply a design flaw can be debated endlessly by the community. The good news is that it no longer matters, as a hotfix that was later deployed has made this "combo" with Nozdormu no longer possible:

  • It is no longer possible to detect when a minion that has been used in a joust has been drawn.
  • Resolved an issue with Nozdormu and joust that resulted in players losing a large portion of individual turns.

While this specifically only refers to the jousting mechanic, it has been confirmed that the Youthful Brewmaster play also no longer will be able to skip a player's turn, signifying that the underlying problem with Nozdormu (aside from its complete un-playability) has been fixed.

The other note for the hotfix revolves around the Hearthstone logs marking cards that were revealed in a joust, so that a deck-tracking program would be able to notify you when your opponent drew that card. This could also have been done manually by any player who read the text logs the game creates, and would provide an unfair advantage that has thankfully been removed.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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