It looks like ESO Live let the cat out of the bag - housing is coming to Tamriel. It's in the intitial design phase right now, so don't expect it anytime soon, but for now you can start doodling what you'd want for your house within The Elder Scrolls Online : Tamriel Unlimited. While details about how the housing will work obviously aren't out yet, we can assume it'll have a lot to do with the way housing works in Skyrim, where you'd have a plot of land and could build it up however you desired - or well, mod it to what you'd desire. Then again, you didn't even need the expansions to really have a house in Skyrim, you could mod the functionality or build your own house in various programs and import it as a custom mod.

Housing in MMOs though is an important social function, because it's a way you can express yourself. There is various ways to achieve it. There is the "ArcheAge" model where houses are scattered throughout the world and people run into massive landgrabs to get one. Then there is Dark Age of Camelot and Final Fantasy XIV where houses are within instanced housing zones, but in limited quantity. Then there is WildStar and games like Phantasy Star Universe (and beyond) where you get an instanced house just for yourself, that you can invite others into.

According to the live stream, there isn't any specific details yet, but I'd implore everyone to provide feedback in whatever creative way possible within the confines of the community to express what you'd want. I imagine with enough data, they can build a system in which the players would enjoy it - and hopefully it won't be some cash shop ordeal.

You can hear about the news on this YouTube. Matt had previously let the cat out of the bag over the weekend at some point as well, but anyway, it looks like good news to me!

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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