As of June 21st, EVE Online will have Incarna, the long-awaited free expansion that allows players to leave their spaceships and walk around inside stations.

From the Incarna patch notes, here are the most important features:

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style="font-style: italic;">At long last, Incarna has arrived.

  • Captain's Quarters: The new avatars released in Incursion will finally be put to good use. The first step of Incarna will be allowing players to walk around inside their private station quarters, while visiting other players and renting common areas will come later.
  • Jump Bridges Nerfed: Only a single jump bridge will be permitted, per solar system. This means that alliances cannot have private highways that avoid gate travel entirely, but it also means time wasted at traveling for many of those involved in alliance warfare.
  • Maller Makeover: The maller has long been one of my favorite tech one ships. Lucky for me, Incarna features a re-done model along the same lines as the attention previously given to the scorpion. I can't wait.
  • New Player Experience Buff: New players will find EVE Online less painful to ease into, with a totally remade tutorial that starts in the captain's quarters and features a newly empowered Aura computer to help out.
  • CCP Aims At Turrets: Most turret weaponry and mining lasers have been re-designed, with cooler animations added. It looks darn cool.
  • New Currency: CCP is adding Aurum as a second currency that will be chiefly used to buy rare avatar clothing. One can obtain Aurum by breaking up PLEX card, at a rate of one PLEX to 3500 Aurum. Eventually we will be able to exchange Aurum with other players, but for now they are non-tranferrable while CCP studies some economics.
  • The Small Stuff: A variety of missions and NPCs have been tinkered with, corporate recruitment has been redone, ships can no longer be rendered un-probeable except via cloaking, the API has been upgraded, custom inventory options have been added, various small art and balance tweaks have been done to ships like the cormorant and primae, and more. We're pretty excited.

Note that the EVE Online web site will be down for much of the day while the expansion is installed. When it comes back up, check out the full Incarna patch notes here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016