NetEase have loads of games, but I'd argue that Infinite Lagrange is probably their biggest for some time. Cross-platform, available on mobile and PC and free-to-play, it offers an epic multiplayer space adventure that's free to play. With territory control, huge amounts of ships, incredible epic graphics and massive space battles, it's filling an EVE Online niche that's done in a very different way. 

The game is available now in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and other 31 countries and regions. The empire building space exploration game supports up to 4K graphics and brings incredible galactic voyages for explorers wanting to explore the vast space, build their fleet, and engage in space military conquest. There's a full features list below, and you can grab the game for free over on the official site.

  • Expand the Territory From 0 to Infinity: with full angles available, players can expand their base and power, construct in the universe and ample construction details. Search the void to find precious minerals to mine from space to fund your array of warships.  

  • Countless Possibilities of Ships: there are various ship types available with realistic settings, players are able to enhance and modify the ships in detail, unlock technology trees

  • Stunning Graphics of the Great Universe: 360-degree space sceneries, players can enjoy immersive space battle with strategic battlefield close-up

  • Massive Battles in Space: players can rally with allies to create a magnificent fleet and take down cities.  

  • Venture into the Unknown Space: players can send their fleet to the dark frontiers and encounter unexpected challenges and rewards. Seek out treasure, map historical ruins and discover new planets.  

  • Interact with Interstellar Forces: players can either support or fight against existed interstellar forces, unveiling their interests and relations

  • Seasonal Strategy Goals: exploring new galaxies with new goals and wars each season, all players in the server share the same series of strategic goals, where rewards are for everyone once completed

  • Treasure Hunting: Search for treasures in the universe, find historical ruins, explore bright planets with rich mineral resources.

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Last Updated: Jun 02, 2021

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