In the recent court filing obtained by Gamasutra, Interplay claims that Bethesda knew that they intended to create a Fallout MMOG using elements from the established Fallout universe (what a shock).

Bethesda maintains that this was not the case and that they only licensed the game in name to Interplay and that the use of such elements in the MMOG would "confuse and confound" Fallout 3 players over certain plot and story conflicts. Interplay is quick to point out in the filing the irony of that last statement:

"This is ironic because Bethesda contends Interplay should have created an entire game of incompatible story, characters, and art and labeled it Fallout only in name," the document says.

We learned in a May SEC release that Interplay is suffering from a financial crisis, which could threaten not only the Fallout MMOG, but the future of the company as well. And the constant legal struggle to combat Bethesda isn't doing Interplay any favors. The future of Fallout Online is still uncertain, but the battle between Interplay and Bethesda rages on.

Source Gamasutra

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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