Landmark has a few new features fans have been craving in a rather awesome update to Landmark, highlighted on the latest Landmark live. The big news is that if you have a hallowed out shape with any interior air, you can now copy that interior air along with the shape, keeping the shape hollow even in dirt. This is a massive QoL update and it probably doesn't make sense, but let me try to hash this out. If you make say a square room and copy it, the inside would be filled with whatever was in the enviroment. Now, if you copy it, the inside is now full of air when copied, meaning that if you sink it underground it'll remain in the same state.

More emotes have been added and sitting is now complete and implemented. This is actually quite advanced, as your legs will determine where you're sitting and adjust. They can dangle off of cliffs and sofas, or lay across the ground, depending on your location. You can even face a chair and type /sit to sit on it. More emotes were added as well, along with the report claim button so that you can easily see it.

Finally, this update made its way, changing the way shiny Takish materials work:

We are testing some adjustments to the settings on shiny Takish materials which significantly reduce the amount of visual artifacting that can appear on the material. We believe it should be a significant improvement, but look forward to your feedback.

Some additional fixes are in as well, which you can see on the official forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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