Under construction, hard hats mandatory.

The LEGO Universe team is building an entirely new Legouniverse.com. Complete with new official logo, jaw dropping graphics, challenges that unlock prizes and even new characters from the game.

Never before has so much creativity been packed into an online world.

That’s why the entire LEGO Universe team wants to once again say “thanks” to everyone who’s been busy inspiring the game’s development with their gallery contributions. Fan participation has already made LEGOuniverse.com a unique hub for user-generated content, and the evolution of this virtual cosmos is just getting started!

Right now the entire LEGO Universe team is hard at work building an entirely new LEGOuniverse.com. By the time the new site lifts off it’ll be fully outfitted with a host of hot new features and ways to have fun!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016