Nexon delivers information on the next chapter of Mabinogi.

Greater control over pets and a marriage system are both included in the next round of updates for Mabinogi (can I control my ingame spouse as a pet is yet to be answered). Seriously though, Generation Three will provide players the opportunity to battle a might dragon unleashed to destroy the world as well as new quests.

Read more from the press release:

Characters in Mabinogi can enjoy a deeper experience within the game's massive world with the introduction of the marriage system. Players will have the opportunity to not only obtain a wedding license but also tuxedos, wedding dresses, shoes and even a veil for the bride!

Players also gain additional command over their pets, as Generation 3 gives players the option to create programs to manage how pets interact in different situations throughout the game. Users will also appreciate upgrades to the pet's controls and battle system.

Other additions to Mabinogi include the removal of a cap on combat skills, increased user interface options and several more items, books and character styles. The upgrade to Generation 3 will serve to keep players enriched in the riveting storyline and distinctive art style found in Mabinogi, which has captured the attention of millions of players worldwide who embrace the fantasy life.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016