It's hard to believe that MapleStory, the popular MMOG from Nexon, is almost five years old. In fact, the popular free-to-play, 2D side-scrolling MMOG will be celebrating its fifth anniversary of operation in North America next week, but Nexon is kicking off the celebration this week with none other than the age old battle of Cake vs Pie. That's right, MapleStory is giving players a chance to join in the fight to determine who is king of the deserts. Starting today, players can choose to align with their chosen side (pie or cake) and take part in this delicious faction war.

An epic showdown between the world's two favorite deserts isn't the only thing Nexon has up their sleeve. Players who are part of the winning faction at the end of the event will also have the chance to win some great prizes that include: a MapleStory skinned laptop, an iPod Touch, a Flip Camera and more. Let the epic battle of flavorful deserts begin!

MapleStory’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration Starts Today

Next week marks MapleStory’s Fifth Anniversary of service in North America and to celebrate this momentous occasion, several events and activities will be available for all Maplers, old and new, to enjoy, starting today.

The party gets started with the Cake vs. Pie battle. Cake and pie fans have the opportunity to join an epic war of desserts in MapleStory as part of the celebratory events in the game. Starting today, players will be able to align themselves with either the “Cake” faction or “Pie” faction in this war. The faction that defeats the boss or defends it during the timed battle will gain control of one of four major towns: Henesys, Orbis, Leafre, and Magatia. Prizes for this event range from a 50 percent EXP boost, to mini-dungeon access and more.  Players who are members of the faction with the most claimed towns at the conclusion of the event will also have a chance to win prizes like a MapleStory skinned laptop, iPod Touch, Flip Camera and more.

In addition to partying with giant confectionary bosses, players will not leave the party without party favors. A whole new set of Fifth Anniversary Durability items will be introduced and 20 classic maple weapons can be found around Maple World as drops. 

To partake in the festivities and pick up some fun party favors, visit:  Join other fans at  


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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