A few years ago if I had said that a retro style graphics game based around building things in a sandbox was going to be the next big thing I would have probably been laughed out of the industry. Then came Markus “Notch” Persson with a little game called Minecraft that did just that and has since managed to blow many AAA games right out of the water in terms of sales on multiple platforms. The Minecraft fever that struck gaming several years ago is still alive and well as made apparent by this week’s announcement by Notch that the game has now sold more than 11 million copies for PC, Mac, and Linux. And that's not even counting the other platforms it's on.

As an added bonus for the millions of Minecraft fans, Mojang has announced details for its upcoming 1.6 update scheduled to go live on July 1st. Referred to as the “Horse Update”, the patch will add horses, donkeys, mules, horse armor, carpets, hardened and stained clay, blocks of coal, item name tags, bales of hay, a food meter to the sandbox. The update is currently available in a pre-release version on the Mojang website.

Sources: Notch Twitter, Minecraft 1.6: Horse Pre-Release Patch

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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