Just like pumpkin spice flavors everywhere making women of all ages unable to even, Halloween is infecting our virtual worlds, but in a far less yoga pants inspired sort of way. This time, I won't be covering any games by Sony Online Entertainment, because they got their very own article for Halloween in SOE virtual worlds. If you're interested in the games I've already covered,, you can check out Part One here. In addition to new games getting added to the list in Part Two, I'll be adding in a Webzen-centric area, as well, since they sent out a press release for Halloween celebrations across their games.

Zombies Monsters Robots October 24 – November 1

Masthead Studios announced that their shooter ZMR will have two different events to celebrate both Halloween: Guns and Robots. A Trick Or Treat Competition will let players have a chance to obtain the Witch Bow, as well as Halloween masks and sparks. The actual Guns and Roses event will allow players to “be able to win spooky presents and experience the fun of smashing pumpkins and hunt down enemies.” During this time, Masthead will also be hosting a variety of giveaways on the official Facebook page for Zombies Monsters Robots.

ArcheAge October 21 – November 4

Hallowtide is upon us in ArcheAge, Trion's latest venture. Not only will Hallowtide be the first Halloween celebration for ArcheAge, but the first holiday celebration, as well. Both of the major port cities of Erenor, Austera and Ezna, have been decked out in holiday decorations, some of which can grant a holiday buff. Players can collect pumpkins out in the world to turn in for daily quests, where they can earn Hallowtide Goodie Bags full of goodies. Players can also collect appearance gear and housing decorations from the Marketplace.


  • Archlord 2, October 21 – November 11: Players can obtain Witch’s Pumpkin Cookies in dungeons and contested zones. They can be handed in fifty at a time to 'Jack O' Lantern in exchange for a 'Jack O' Lantern Box, which will grant a random buff and illusion when opened. Logging in daily will also allow players to earn Mysterious Pumpkin Seeds, which can be turned in seven at a time for Pumpkin themed hats.
  • C9, October 21 – November 4: Players can hunt down the Pumpkin Knight for tokens and buy a Halloween Gear Package. “Mix & Match Tokens in the 3rd ~ 6th continents' dungeons. Those who combine 10 pieces of Dried Blood of Hellbehriths, 10 Tertis Claws and 1 Mix & Match Token with 1 Gear Part will acquire a giftbox containing a variety of random costumes for their character.”
  • MU Online, October 28 – November 11: Hunt down the Jack-O-Lantern to collect the pumpkins it drops, which can be smashed down like a pinata for goodies and buffs. Defeat Fire Flame Ghost for Zen, Gems and Excellent Grade items.

For more information regarding Webzen games, head on over to webzen.com for these games and more.

F.E.A.R. Online

While this game isn't celebrating any Halloween events, having a free-to-play horror shooter now available through Steam is definitely newsworthy, especially this time of year. If running around in games that make you screech and shake in your shoes is more your style over collecting pumpkins, head on over to Steam and get your scare on with F.E.A.R. Online.

TERA Online October 14 – November 4

The Revenge of Kaprima is back and players can once again queue up for the level 60 dungeon, Fane of Kaprima. Players can conquer the Banquet of Blood, slay some vampirs and get a chance for a Miss Katonic pet. Enter the Eldritch Academy to defend a cauldron from sugar-crazed childr...er, monsters. Players will be able to earn tons of different rewards in TERA, as well as grab some Halloween outfits from the store. En Masse has a dedicated page for Halloween in TERA.

Dark Age of Camelot October 14 – November 3

The second MMORPG I ever played was DAoC, which could only manage to steal me away from my (then) beloved EverQuest for a two whole months. Barding was pretty fun there, but it just didn't quite have the bardiness that Norrath had for me. Because October is also the release anniversary month for when Mythic launched Dark Age of Camelot, Halloween is a little bit more special, rather than a quick summary of what is going on, here is the big o' list of events and other happenings across The Realms from their Halloween page:

  • The Ghostly Harvest Quest offers players level 45 and up a dangerous adventure in the frontiers. Speak with John Tobin on the Cotswold Bridge, Foa Muldisson outside the Jordheim North Gates, or Nera by the road in Mag Mell to begin the quest. (Note: Players who completed this quest last year will now be offered it again.)
  • Treat sellers have been spotted selling sugary confections inside Meath, Erikstaad, and Caerwent.
  • The consignment merchants would like to show you their Halloween spirit! Pick up the merchant and place it back down on your house porch and he will change into a Halloween outfit for you!
  • Be aware adventurers! Ghosts haunt the streets of your capital cities as the pumpkin moon rises! Ghosts have also been spotted in Mag Mell, Aegirhamn, and Campacorentin Station.
  • The horses you once rode have joined the spirit realm. (This affects stable and merchant horses only - not player controlled horses.)
  • Something strange has happened to all of the puppies.
  • The pumpkins have been carved into jack o' lanterns!
  • A trio of crazy old women have been spotted selling costume potions inside Camelot, Jordheim, and Tir na Nog.
    • The costume potions last 15 minutes each and come in a variety of flavors.
    • The costume potions work best if you remove your helm and armor.
    • You cannot digest another costume potion if you are transformed into any of the monster forms.
    • The costume potions' magics are short-lived and the potions will be useless after the festivities end so don't horde them.
    • Some of the costume potions allow you to take the form of the enemy, so don't be scared if you see some in your capital city or housing zones, it's just your realm mates playing dress up!
    • The costumes and potions only work while you are in the capital cities or housing zones. You cannot use them outside of these zones and if you leave the zone while in costume, you will lose the effect.
    • As always, the days before, during, and after Halloween these potions can be used in RvR (With Exception to Pixies, and ghosts potions, which are not usable in the frontiers ever)

What games will you be celebrating Halloween in?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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