Undead Labs has revealed a couple of interesting tidbits about State of Decay's next expansion, Lifeline.

We already know that this expansion will focus on the military side of the zombie apocalypse, and that it will take place in an all-new map. In the most recent developer blog, author Geoffrey reveals that the military unit under the player's command will be called "Greyhound One," and gives us a little insight into the back-stories of the major figures within this unit. Of course, it also appears as though most - if not all - of these characters are expendable:

Remember that in State of Decay, the characters are only a starting point. We had fun deciding who they were before the outbreak — but during it, all bets are off. It’s up to you to pick up their story from here, and decide who they really are.

In an earlier blog post, author Sanya indicates that the vehicles in Lifeline will have more utility than just people-movers and horde-plows: players will actually be able to utilize trunk space to haul stuff.

We have added a trunk interaction to the back of all vehicles. This means you can take your favorite car with you on a supply run and load it up before the long trek home. You have to be careful, however, as vehicles are vulnerable; our plan right now is that a destroyed vehicle takes with it everything that it was carrying. You can still interact with the inventories on vehicles that have been flipped – allowing you to rescue your precious resources before they go kaput. Finally, in lieu of having to ‘unload the groceries’ by making individual trips back and forth between the vehicle and community storage when you reach a base, you can instead drive the vehicle into a parking spot (indicated when you’re driving up) to automatically turn in rucksacks. All other inventory remains in the vehicle.

If you've ever done a long-haul scavenging run between Marshall, Spencer's Mill and Fairfield, you'll appreciate having a little extra storage space making the long drives worth it. 

Details keep on coming, but the one we're most anxious to hear about - a release date - has yet to appear.

Sources: "Duty Roster," "Rucks in Trucks. And Cars."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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