The game that sends me an email every year to tell me happy birthday has received a new major update, which comes with a brand spankin' new trailer to show off to go with it. If you haven't heard of Mortal Online, it's an open-world PvP sandbox, along the line of what several games in their various testing phases are doing it now. Before this mode of hardcore PvP gameplay became the popular niche it is today, games like Mortal Online were doing it a few years back. Mortal Online launched four years ago, and I've been following it since it was in alpha. I think I have enough fingers to count how long that is.

Mortal Online's city building has been expanded for guilds. Previously, guilds could build towers in designated areas on the map, but now guilds can freely build a wide variety of buildings, as well as upgrade existing ones. With no placement slots, guilds can add in walls, inns and other buildings anywhere within city areas. You can also find and hire NPCs for either specific buildings or specific tasks, such as farmers and guards. If you have vendors set up in your guild town and players come in to buy from them, your guild will receive a part of the sale as a tax.

That's not the only control guilds can have over their cities. Anything built within a guild-constructed tower radius is considered that guild's area. Taxes can be imposed from player housing. If players are trying to cause any issues with your guild cities, you can blacklist them. I'm not sure exactly how this will act out, since these cities are not instanced, so I can't imagine a physical barrier being thrown up to keep certain players out. I wonder if it just nullifies a player's ability to interact with anything in that area. You will now at least be notified when you're entering and leaving a guild's territory.

Guildstones also received a bunch of changes this patch. Guildstones act as a physical object that can do everything from create a guild to warring with other guilds. Levels have been added to guildstones, and the level will determine whether or not your guild can go to war. They can also be upgraded by adding on a second guildstone, up to a total of five. The price has been reduced, and now five guildstones will cost the same as one did originally. Levels will also determine how many players a guild can have. At level 2, a tax collector can be spawned for your guild.

This patch also received a ton of bug fixes. AI has been updated and new NPCs have been added into the game. Thrust damage on mounts and slashing for flanged maces received decreases, while longbow damage and the velocity damage mod on mounts were increased. A new deconstruct skill has been added to the game, which will let guilds deconstruct territory buildings, which will turn them back into blueprints. New blueprints were also added into the game, some of them not obtainable through normal purchasing means. For the full patch notes, check out the forum post with the full details.

Have you been playing Mortal Online? What do you think about the new changes? Are you looking forward to revamped player cities?  

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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