NCsoft will deploy another update for Aion on Wednesday that will bring some improvements and new content and systems to the MMORPG. One of those new systems is the new Tempering system, which will allow players to add PvP stats to level 50+ accessories. The update also makes changes to the Manastone enchanting dialogue. Along with new quests, players will also be able to take a walk down the Hall of Fame for their chosen faction to see some of the more notable Daevas commemorated and purchase exclusive items available to General rank Daevas.

One other big item included is the in-game Bot Flagging system, which allows players to flag suspected bots based on the amount of reports. Yeah, I can’t possibly see a problem coming out of this system.

You can read the full patch preview on the Aion website for more.

Source: March 26th Patch Preview

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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