If you missed last week’s announcement for the Module 2: Shadowmantle update coming to Neverwinter, you may be happy to know that the latest update offers an early look at the newest class coming with the update – the Hunter Ranger. While adept at dealing damage from a distance with bow attacks, the Hunter Ranger is also capable of switching to his blades to deal with enemies that get too close. Just a few of the powers that the Hunter Ranger can use includes:

Ranged At-Will Powers

  • Rapid Shot – A reliable At-Will power to fire a flurry of arrows at your target.
  • Aimed Shot – A precise and deadly shot into the heart of your enemy.

Melee At-Will Powers – Press Tab to engage your enemies up close with melee attacks.

  • Rapid Strike – Strike your targets at close range.
  • Aimed Strike – Strike your foes in a vital spot and cause significant bleed damage.

The preview also offers some insight into a few other skills used by the Hunter Ranger along with his Daily Powers and class features.

Source: Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Preview

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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