Few things can draw in a gamer like clever marketing. Fallen Earth has a pair of new marketing options for players wanting to join in on the apocalypse. Direct2Drive and Steam are now offering exclusive items and new achievements for players to unlock.

By purchasing from Direct2Drive, players will get the exclusive Direct 2 Brain rifle (26.5 DPS and does 48 ballistic per shot) to use for those times when a pistol just won't do.

Steam customers will have a few extra options starting with the Steam Cleaner, a heavy pistol with 10.3 DPS and an additional four Melee Defense. In addition, those that have a Steam account will also be treated to more than 500 new Achievements for Fallen Earth via Steam.

Both Steam and Direct2Drive are currently having a 40% off sale on Fallen Earth, bringing the price down to $17.99. So now is a good time to take advantage of the offer if you've been considering giving it a go. All this offer is lacking now is the dreaded melee weapon called the Ten Ton Hammer. It's been done before people!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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