Mortal Online has had a couple of delays on its road to launch and the development team recently posted their plans to address some of the issues that has delayed the game's launch in a recent forum post. Given that there have been a few issues with hacking in the past, the devs have also implemented new monitoring tools that will result in the permanent ban of anyone using a hack or found altering the Mortal Online game files. So if you've been tampering with the game's .ini file or anything like that, you may want to stop now to avoid a crushing blow from the ban stick.

-New monitoring tools (anyone using any hacking program or similar not allowed third party program or tools will be instantly permanently banned, anyone altering or hacking game files in any way will be instantly permanently banned)

This means that any attempt to change any file within the Mortal Online folders will result in a ban. Stop altering files, such as the .ini files, at this time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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