Rocket League has taken off on Steam and the PS4 with many being hooked by it's fast paced, extremely fun, simplistic gameplay. This is why many were concerned when an interview by Playstation Universe brought up the possiblility of power ups being added to the game.

Weapons aren't something we plan to add in Rocket League -- but power-ups are possible. New game modes and game-changing events/ items will be based on community demand and where our players want to take us!

This short quote had fans of the game who praise it for it's level playing field and easy to learn mechanics in an uproar, but soon after the torches were lit Psyonix founder Dave Hagewood took to Reddit to offer some reassuring words.

There are not going to be power-ups added to the game. We're not going to change balance, add stats, change physics, etc. We have a good formula and there are already infinite ways to make the game even better without changing core gameplay.

He also added that for those who do wish to have their own modified Rocket League experience, Mutators are possibly being added in the future for use in private matches.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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