If you've ever thought Rocket League would make a perfect air hockey arena, the Rocket League devs were right there with you. On December 14th Rocket League will receive the Winter Games update that includes a new game mode that replaces the ball with a hockey puck and the arena with an ice hockey rink. 

How will the puck perform compared t the soccer ball? Well presumably it will be a lot less bouncy, and will move a lot faster around the ground. Aerial plays will most likely be a lot less common as the focus switches to smashing the puck to send it sliding along the icy arena instead of launching it into the air. 

Along with the new game mode there are also some Christmas items that will become available for collection. You can unlock them up until January 4th, at which point if you don't have them you'll be out of luck.

The list of items are:

  • Xmas Rocket Trail
  • Blitzen Topper
  • Christmas Tree Topper
  • Sad Sapling Topper
  • Santa Topper
  • Candy Cane Antenna
  • Holiday Gift Antenna

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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