Burning Dog Media has been relatively somber with their updates for Origins of Malu since the start of 2013, but today the developer posted its first missive with new details and the ongoing efforts to secure development funding. Last year Burning Dog Media kicked off a Kickstarter for Origins of Malu in October only to halt the campaign a short time later due to a new development with a possible new source of funding. While the details of that are being worked out, Burning Dog promises to push forward regardless of what happens with the negotiations.

The rest of the update is broken up into two parts – the State of Development and Beta. The first half of the update touches on new and evolving game features such as dynamic quests, crafting and faction changes, housing and more.

As for the beta update, expect to see testing get underway a little later than expected around March 30th with the opening of the beta forums prior to that. Alienware will be hosting beta registrations at AlienwareArena.com for roughly 20k beta keys.

Source: Origins of Malu January Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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