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EVE Online is nothing if not consistent. The space battles in EVE have throughout its history been some of the most talked about spectacles in gaming. Several events have taken place through EVE's history such as the collapse of the Band of Brothers to a surprise conflict that resulted in a massive battle and the destruction of one of the rarest, and most expensive, ships in EVE during the Battle of Asakai that have helped solidify EVE as one of the most unique experiences in the online gaming space.

This weekend the another massive battle broke out to mark yet another memorable moment in EVE’s interesting history. Over 4,000 players of two of the largest alliances in EVE, CFC and TEST, engaged in a massive war in 6VDT-H as CFC assailed a TEST-held station. It has since been dubbed the largest war ever fought in EVE and perhaps even online gaming as a whole.

The battle reportedly lasted for more than five hours with over 2,900 ships destroyed during the massive conflict. EVE’s Time Dilation mechanic slowed the game to just 10% of normal speed during the battle. But at the end of the day, the CFC managed to push TEST back into Delve space. A battle report from both alliances has been posted on The Mittani’s website.

EVE alliances are consistently finding new ways to take the fight for EVE dominance up a notch so stay tuned. It's unlikely that the conflict between TEST and CFC is anywhere close to over.

Update: CCP have posted a new developer blog reflecting on the weekend's battle.

Image Courtesy of The Verge

: The Verge, The Mittani

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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