Up until now, Blizzard has been hyping Overwatch since announcement at last Blizzcon. It has even spent several months within our launchers, Mac OS X and Windows alike.

Today, Overwatch finally entered public beta. Players who are invited can finally get their hands on the game for first time outside of a Blizzcon demo. Players who do not have beta access can watch plenty of available public streams online since this beta carries no Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

However, this beta brought forth a grim reveal to Mac OS X users. The beta FAQ revealed that Overwatch is only being developed for windows-based PC. There is no Mac OS X beta in development. Furthermore, nowhere in the wording does it say "currently" or "later". It very clearly and concisely says "We're developing Overwatch for Windows-based PCs only". There has also been a blue response confirming what FAQ says here.

Up until now, Mac users have just assumed it would be dual platform because Blizzard has a history of being one of the best supporters of Mac OS X in gaming community. In addition, Blizzard has been advertising Overwatch on the Mac OS X launcher in addition to Windows launcher. Until now, no one was left with any doubt of seeing Overwatch be developed for Mac OS X.

Now, Mac OS X users have been left with many questions:

  • How can they forcibly add a game to Mac OS X launcher and get users on Mac OS X platform excited for a game that is Windows only?
  • Should we assume, because of launcher, it may still coming to Mac OS X at a later time?
  • What does this mean for future Mac OS X support from Blizzard?
  • If Mac OS X users are not getting it, will they get an apology for advertising a Windows only game into their launcher and will they see it removed?

Blizzard recently confirmed other games are being updated for Apple's new Metal API, giving Mac OS X gamers some real hope. With this sending the opposite message, people are confused. Whether it is a delay in Mac OS X development, or complete lack of it, Mac OS X users are disappointed over the whole situation.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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