After what seems like a very long development cycle, Overwatch and its Beta is finally coming to an end. In case you haven't heard, April 25 (the day before my birthday!) is the day the public testing phase will come to an end and Blizzard's final preparations for the game's launch will begin. What does this really mean for those of us still playing the Beta? They've a FAQ to answer some questions:

Q. What time will the Closed Beta end?
A: The Closed Beta will end on April 25 at approximately 10:00 a.m. PDT in all gameplay regions.

Q. What will happen when the Closed Beta is brought offline?
A. Once the beta is brought offline on April 25, players will no longer be able to log in to the beta client. Access to our Closed Beta forums will remain available until Friday, April 29.

Q. Will any more players be added to the Closed Beta before it’s brought offline on April 25?
A. No. We have no plans to add any more players to the Closed Beta at this time.

Q. Will there be any other opportunities to play Overwatch between the Open Beta and the game's launch?
A. The Open Beta will be the last chance to play Overwatch before the game launches on May 24.

Q. Will any progress I made during the Closed Beta carry over to the live game?
A. No. We've no plans at this time for your activity during the Closed Beta to carry over—to the Open Beta or to launch.

On the run up to launch there's also a new developer update from Jeff Kaplan. Although it's short, it's generally a "thank you" from him to the community it's well worth a watch as it's interesting to hear how playing Overwatch has helped shaped the game for the studio. 

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Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016

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