If you’ve followed Brad McQuaid’s games in the past, the latest race reveal for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will probably come as no surprise to you given that both Vanguard and EverQuest included this popular fantasy race. In a recent Kickstarter update, Visionary Realms revealed the elves. The elves are the fifth race to be revealed for Pantheon this week along with the human, dwarf, ogre and revenant races.

The Elves, or Etryan as they call themselves, are a deeply ritualistic and spiritual woodland folk. Quite possibly the oldest living race in this universe and beyond, the Elves have undergone eons of evolution to become the nature bound and simplistic race that it currently is. In their current age, the Elves are divided into two nations: the Do’Etryan (Dark Elves) and the Fal’Etryan (Wood Elves). With lithe and graceful bodies, the Elves are extremely agile, something that aids in their navigation and preservation of the forest realms. Their humble existence and symbiotic relationship with the wilderness is an extension of their devout faith to the spirits of nature who they call the Ryn’Etryas, the Eternal Rings. They often place the flora and fauna of their realms before themselves. They craft arcane-engineered dwellings and defenses that do little to no disruption of the natural environment. As scouts and rangers, they are superior survivalists.

You can read more about Pantheon’s elves on Kickstarter.

Source: Elf Race Reveal

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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