Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen managed to pick up a little steam in its Kickstarter campaign over the last couple of days and now sits at just over the $266k mark of its $800k Kickstarter goal with 23 days to go.

Since the Kickstarter campaign began earlier this month, Visionary Realms has made several tweaks to its pledge and backer program. Today they made a few more changes to make adding specific options to your backer plan available in an easy way, allowing backers of the $25 tier or higher to add other optional backer items to their plans for a small fee. This includes a number of different things ranging from the headstart, alpha keys, in-game items, digital items, and many more. A full list along with a detailed explanation on how it works and a rewards chart is available on the Pantheon Kickstarter page.

In addition to the new reward changes, Pantheon also revealed its latest race, the dwarf. No stranger to high fantasy games, the dwarves of Pantheon originally hail from the world of Strontia. Now residing in the Strontian Mountains, dwarves are a stout race that excels at mining and metalworking.

The Dwarves of Terminus are stout and industrious miners whose societies have thrived in subterranean kingdoms for centuries. The “underfolke,” (as Elves call them) live most of their lives within the great halls and caverns of their vast underground societies. The stocky and brawny Dwarf physique makes them excellent miners and their affinity for minerals has led them to become masters of metalworking, which in turn allows them to achieve some of the most astounding feats of engineering. Need a hole through a mountain? Rally the dwarves! Because of the many dangers in subterranean realms, Dwarven societies have become compartmentalized with various clans being charged with specific tasks, all contributing to the overall prosperity. The Dwarves are also revered for their mastery of warfare. They are excellent warriors, with each and every citizen being trained in combat on some level. Bolstered by rare materials and superior arms, Dwarven armies are arguably the most powerful to march upon the battlefields of Terminus. For those Dwarves who choose to live beyond the borders of the Strontian Mountains, they are quick to find their skills extremely welcome in nearly every society.

You can read more about the dwarves in the latest Pantheon race reveal.

Dwarves are the third race to be formerly revealed in Pantheon, joining the undead, humans, and ogres. You can learn more about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen on its official Kickstarter page and in our exclusive interview with Visionary Realms CCO Brad McQuaid.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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