Ater nine months of open beta testing, online action RPG Path of Exile has officially launched. Today’s launch brings a massive update loaded with new content and features. Just a few new things in today’s update includes a new guild system, additional bosses, quests, new PvP modes, the new Scion prestige class, several new areas, and much more.

In addition to today’s official launch, Path of Exile has also arrived on Steam.

New Areas, Monsters and Climactic Boss fight

Featuring the new Gardens, Library and Tower tilesets (with multiple areas and quests each), Path of Exile's Act 3 has been expanded to lead up to a new grand finale boss fight with the Exile's main antagonist - Dominus himself. This completes the core story arc and opens Path of Exile up to the addition of new acts with future expansions.

With the introduction of the new areas, we've added six entirely new monster types to Path of Exile and have augmented existing monsters with new abilities. Some of the new monsters have been added outside of Act 3 to improve earlier parts of the game. For example, the Scavengers in the Terraces have been replaced by tribes of Cannibals.

You can read the launch day patch notes for the full rundown. You can sign up to play on the Path of Exile website or via Steam.

Source: Grinding Gear Games Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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