Today is patch day for Path of Exile. The Sacrifice of the Vaal update launches today to add new four-month challenges, new items, over 60 new bosses, several skill changes, a final encounter against Queen Atziri and her guardians in the Apex of Sacrifice, and much more.

Since so many skill changes are included in the patch, players will also receive an optional passive reset. Additionally, Grinding Gear Games is holding a launch competition that will reward the first 50 players to kill Queen Atziri and the bosses on her level with an exclusive cosmetic microtransaction effect. Don’t worry, there’s more.

The first 50 players in each of the new challenge leagues to kill Atziri and the other bosses on her special level will receive an exclusive cosmetic microtransaction effect that only comes from this competition. A total of 100 players will receive this prize - 50 in the Ambush league and 50 in the Invasion league. We'll update the progress of this competition in the news over the first week or two. Good luck!

You can read the Sacrifice of the Vaal update page for a full rundown of what’s new. The full update is scheduled to roll out today at 1PM PT.

Source: Sacrifice of the Vaal Page, Patch Notes, Patch Notes Extra

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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