Details are sketchy and we don't have visuals or even a name for the new expansion, but Flying Lab Software's Rusty Williams revealed to us that another expansion for Pirates of the Burning Sea is in the works.

Now that battles for player-owned ports has been largely straightened out (and the fairly new skirmish system allows societies and individual players to train for port captures risk-free), Flying Lab is turning its attention to actual governance of player-owned ports. In the new expansion, players will be able to develop a port's trading and manufacturing capabilities (and collect a portion of the taxes) or, in a scorched earth scenario, tear previous developments down, leaving nothing for the enemy. The expansion will be at no cost to Pirates of the Burning Sea subscribers.

It's all part of a more aggressive marketing campaign for the game, and Rusty noted that Flying Lab hopes to come out with two expansions of this magnitude a year for the game. He also hinted at a future expansion called "Voyages" that will expand the map for the first time ever.

We'll watch for more information from Flying Lab, so stay tuned!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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