PlayStation 4 Launch Day Roundup

Sony celebrates the launch of the fourth generation of its PlayStation console with new reveals and announcements.

The PlayStation 4 was officially handed out to players starting at midnight last night during a nationwide launch event across the US. And while a few players managed to get their hands on the console early, a majority of pre-orders were either claimed last night or will be picked up today. Last Night Sony held a launch PlayStation livestream launch event hosted by Spike TVÂ’s Geoff Keighley in New York. During the event, Sony took the time to showcase whatÂ’s in store for the console while also shining a light on the fans in attendance and bringing a much need update to some very old gaming console hardware.

Many reveals and announcements were made during the event regarding the future of the PlayStation 4 and its gaming lineup. Just a few of those reveals included an exclusive mission for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes that allows players to play as classic Solid Snake, Naughty Dog revealed of a new game in the Uncharted series, and the Bungie confirmed that their upcoming Destiny title will be headed to beta first on the PlayStation 3 & 4. Additionally, Sony also showcased new footage from several of PlayStation 4Â’s upcoming post-launch titles such as Infamous: Second Son, The Order 1886, Driveclub, and more.

If youÂ’re running low on cash after buying your new next gen console donÂ’t worry. Sony has four free-to-play titles that you can play for free on launch day: Blacklight: Retribution, Warframe, and DC Universe Online. More titles such as War Thunder, PlanetSide 2, Deep Down, and others will be added at a later time.

As with all new console launches there have been a small number of console failures reported that have been making their way around the web today. In a statement to IGN, Sony stated that the reported number of console failures are reportedly around .4%. With any luck hardware failures won't be a huge issue this time around and hopefully those affected can get their machines replaced and back in the game soon.

If you missed out on the PlayStation 4 livestream event last night, you can catch the replay on the PlayStation UStream channel or in the handy embed below. WeÂ’ve also included the PlayStation 4 launch trailer for your convenience. Enjoy.

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