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Introducing Kevin "MasterGuns" Loza, FLS UI Artist
Hi, dev log readers! I’m Kevin Loza one of the new members of the Flying Lab team. Specifically, I'm the artist that is creating the user interface for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

To give you some background on my work, I am trained in both traditional and digital art. My schooling spans sketching, painting, sculpture, and photography. The digital arena started through my own animation at home on the Amiga computer and, later, graphic design classes on the Macintosh. I studied 3D modeling, texturing, and animation, as well.

I love painting particularly on the computer. Recently, I created a digital portrait for a friend. Part of the my passion comes from self expression and pushing the medium.

I, also, work on a high resolution model in my spare time. It’s a personal project that I started to take one character from concept to fully realized 3d animation. First, the concept sketching and various sketches were made. Second phase was digital painting. Third phase is modeling and that’s what I’m doing at the moment. So far, it’s my favorite personal challenge of all my personal studies.

My first job in the games industry working for SEGA, back in the day when the Genesis lived and breathed. I worked as an animator, and during my first game, NHL All-Star Hockey ’95, they promoted me to the position of Lead Animator midway through the project.

Read more about Kevin here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016