Developed by Hopoo Games and the hotly anticipated sequal, it seems that Risk of Rain 2 is already doing incredibly well. Transitioning from 2D to 3D, not only has it kept all the same gameplay loops, but it arrives in an Early Access state that's undeniably moreish. With a simple approach (kill enemies, get better loot, kill big bad boss) its use of 3D has - I would argue - actually improved the game. Plenty of original items, great enemies, a gorgeous art style, and amazing fun with friends, for £15.00 it's an absolute steal. It seems I'm not the only one who agrees, with 500,000 players having purchased the game. Paul Morse and Duncan Drummond who recently sat down with PCGamer to chat about the game, talked about its success and its future in Early Access. The interview is well worth the read.

As of today, how many copies of Risk of Rain 2 have you sold so far?

Over the opening weekend for Early Access, the Risk of Rain 2 community has grown to over 500K players. It’s absolutely surreal, and we’re so happy and grateful to our dedicated community who got us to this size so far.

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Last Updated: Apr 06, 2019

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