With five million registered users it's little wonder Frogster is looking to bring their MMOG to the social networking space.

Aiming for a launch this fall, Runes of Magic will be available on Facebook. This isn't just a small version of the game--it's the full game. Players will be able to log into their existing accounts and play the game as if they were playing from the regular client.

The advantages to having a client for play on Facebook are fairly obvious in the way of seeing which of your friends are online and playing, networking, and the like. However, the fact that the client itself will be around 100 MB for the initial install while streaming data after the player has logged in is where the real advantages start to show. Even with a fast internet connection, downloading gigabytes of data before being able to play is a bit disheartening. This will not be the case with the Facebook game as players will be able to log in almost immediately.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016