If you jumped in on the wrong server during this weekend’s head start for TERA, fear not. En Masse Entertainment has announced that they’ll be opening up server transfers for characters tomorrow (April 30th) in preparation for TERA’s launch.

The server transfers will be free and immediate, but there are some restrictions. You must be unguilded, have at least one open character slot for the destination server, transferring characters must be level 5 or higher and only the items in your inventory will carry over, not those in your bank, so make sure to grab anything you might want to take along. There’s also a limit on gold transfers of 100,000 with the character, but if you have that already, you’re doing better than most.

As the populations for each server stabilizes, there will be limits placed on the number of transfers. Transfers made to help balance the population of servers will be free, but those made for convenience when those populations have balanced out will come with a charge.

Read the full list of restrictions and requirements for server transfers on the TERA website.

Source: TERA Announces Server Transfers for Launch

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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