Senior Producer Thom Terrazas took the stage at SOE Live tonight to discuss the future of EverQuest with its next expansion – Call of the Forsaken. The expansion brings players back to stories about traditional characters and some new zones that have existed since the beginning of EverQuest , but have, until now, remained inaccessible.

The expansion story will begin with events in North Karana following the arrival of Lady Lindenaria, a dragon that arrives through invisible seams that bind countless realities together, exposing the realm of Ethernere. Of interesting note, both the dragon and Ethernere have recently been added to EverQuest II as part of a huge storyline event in which the profits there, same as in EverQuest, are calling it the end of time. How interesting. It would seem to indicate that SOE has a convergence of some sort in the storyline.

Norrathians will unite to find out if the dragon is friend or foe, and to kill it if necessary. But she did not come alone according to Terrazas. Players will seek out artifacts to send dragon back and meet some familiar faces once thought lost. A couple of the new zones in the expansion include the Dead Hills and Neriak 4th Gate. The expansion also includes the new Heroic Adventures mechanic, which will customize experiences in certain dungeons based on the group, filling out the loot, mobs, and mob power level, hopefully allowing for a new experience each time.

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Call of Forsaken heads to beta around August 14th with pre-orders to follow a couple of weeks later. If all goes as planned, the expansion should launch in late September. Additionally, another update tie-in is planned for release next year, and players that purchase the expansion will get it for free.

It's hard to deny the various points that seem to be converging in EverQuest and EverQuest II's lore with Ethernere and the dragon. How will EverQuest Next fit in?

EverQuest Next will be revealed tomorrow at SOE Live, so stay tuned Ten Ton Hammer for more event news. Be sure to keep your eyes glued to EQHammer for full coverage of the EverQuest Next reveal.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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