Hi folks, this is just a news post with some important information with backers. Let's keep it civil and all that.

In a bit of odd news, Star Citizen celebrates one million account registrations. Before you think to celebrate, this is literal account registrations, including sockpuppets and random registered accounts to talk on the forums before they were put behind a paywall. This isn't backers. Estimates put the amount of people who have donated something at around 750k, but I can not give you a good number for the number of players with actual accounts or backers or whatever, but hey, one million registrations is still pretty hype.

In the announcement is some important details for backers:

In honor of our newest Citizen (really, our thousands of new Citizens!) we would like to give something back to the entire community for all your incredible support. Starting today, we are eliminating ‘Alpha Access’ and the $5 module passes. Anyone who has pledged for a Star Citizen Package can now play today without worrying they won’t have access to some portion of the ‘Verse in the future. No Star Marine pass, no Alpha 2.0 pass… no additional payment needed for any module in the works, pre-release. Going forward, should we need to put out some sort of limited release it will be done through the PTU test server. All backers will have access to any live release, the moment it publishes.

In addition, I’d like to reward our earliest supporters who made it possible to get to this point. Everyone with an ‘alpha access’ package will be awarded 10,000 UEC; everyone who purchased an Arena Commander pass individually will be given 5,000 UEC (with the cap raising appropriately to allow this.) You also have my most sincere thanks: you were our vanguard, the battalion that fought the good fight from the beginning. Your impact on Star Citizen will never be forgotten, for without your early faith we couldn’t be where we are today. (Please note that this credit payout is going to take a big script, so it may take Turbulent a few days to work out the logistics!)

So no more passes, so if you had a pass, you get some UEC. If you're UEC capped, your get your cap raised a bit. Pretty cool!

You can read the entire letter from the chairman here.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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