Star Trek Online (STO) is another month closer to the release of its Season 4 update and Executive Producer Dan Stahl dropped in to post a new "Engineering Report" update to the community on some of the new content and features in the works for the game. Some of the features in testing on the Tribble/Redshirt test shard are the new Oberth Class ship, the new Season 4 content, repeatable missions that reward players for playing a certain number of player-created Foundry missions and much more.

The team also has some ambitious long-term goals that include Fleet starbases, including the option to build them, territory control, additional playable factions, new ships and more. New social planets are planned to allow players a place to socialize and take it easy when they're not out blowing up aliens.

Stahl also touches on the management changes at Cryptic over the last few months with Jack Emmert assuming the role as CEO of the studio in March after the departure of John Needham. Bill Roper also departed the studio last August, leaving the position of Chief Creative Officer vacant until former STO Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich, who departed the company last July, returned to fill the role earlier this month.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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