Over on the official Star Wars The Old Republic website, a new blog post has appeared discussing "Strike Fighter Class Starfighters". Perhaps not the easy title to say aloud, the blog post generally covers the introduction of this ship and what is fundamental purpose is. Basically it's all shield drains and pew-pew with lasers and missiles.

No doubt about it, Strike Fighters are some of the most versatile and important ships to ever fly for either the Empire or the Republic. Equally effective against both stationary objectives and other ships, Strike Fighters have made the difference in galactic warfare for generations. After all, it was a bush pilot named Luke in a Strike Fighter type ship known as the X-Wing that made all the difference against the Death Star … with a little help from the Force.

Although there's no ETA as to when this fighter will arrive, rest assured it'll be here soon. You can read the full blog post here and if you want to discuss the blog post itself, you can head on over to the community boards.

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