Dust off your lightsabers, because STAR WARS: The Old Republic is give everyone double XP for the week! Starting tomorrow, July 1st through next Monday, July 7th, everyone logging in over the next week will get some sweet, sweet double XP for your budding Sith Warrior you've been aching to get out of its 20s. In addition, BioWare is reminding us that anyone subscribing to the game will be granted early access to move into the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace, which comes with three additional unlocked rooms. Players have until July 15th to subscribe for this.

No matter how you choose to gain regular and Legendary experience, you'll be able to earn double XP. This is good for PVP, progressing through your story's missions or hanging out with your besties doing your favorite Operations. Speaking of Operations, if you're missing some besties for the evening or if you all had a falling out, the new Operations Finder that came with Game Update 2.8, Spoils of War, is a great way to jump in and do Story Mode Operations.

Subscribers also get early access to the upcoming digital expansion, Galactic Strongholds, beginning August 19th. Strongholds comes with a whole new slew of goodies to SWTOR, such as your own private pad to hang up your boots after a long day of cruising the galaxy. Guilds will also be able to band together to work on Guild Flagships for days when personal vessels just won't cut it. Subscribing by July 15th will net you a sweet five-room dwelling of pure luxury, which valued at 1,500,000 credits. Some will see this as BioWare scrambling for subscribers and others will think it's a pretty good deal to jump on the subscriber bandwagon. What's your verdict?

Personally, I've been a subscriber for so long that by the time I remember exactly where that super safe place I stored my authenticator in, I'll have more Cartel Coins than I know what to do with. Knowing me and my love of decorating, I'll blow them all on decorations for my sweet pad on Nar Shaddaa. Some games manage to do housing so well (lookin' at you, WildStar and you're lookin' good) that I can spend hours futzing around in my player housing that I'll forget that it's only one aspect of a game. I can say that I look forward to experiencing this implementation in SWTOR. Maybe if I find my authenticator this week, my own Sith Warrior will stop being forever level 38.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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