The Patch 3.0.2 notes have arrived to STAR WARS: The Old Republic today, which introduces new events and destinations, as well as some fixes to the game that is leaving the community fairly happy overall. There is one area where people are questioning, though. Part of tomorrows's patch includes a new and improved weekly reward in the way of Companion Outfit Lockboxes, which will come with a full set of 192 armor for a companion for completing the Mission [WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation. People are worried that this does not extend to Preferred Status members, since they are blacked out from lockbox rewards. Outside of that, people seem fairly happy with what's included in this patch, which will be pushed to the servers tomorrow, beginning at 3am PST, lasting about four hours. There are some pet bugs, like the Rishi datacron, that are not in the notes. It's unknown at this time as to whether or not a fix has been created for this. Below the break are the notes in their entirety.

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Game Update 3.0.2 Patch Notes

Long-forgotten Sith spirits have awakened on Yavin 4. This convergence of dark side energies could give rise to a powerful and ancient threat within the moon's already-treacherous jungles...


New Guild Flagship Destinations! Rishi and Yavin 4 have been added as Guild Flagship destinations, and Flagship Orbital Support and Transport are now available for those locations.

New Conquest Event! The “Revenge of the Revanites” Conquest Event has been added to the Conquest rotation.

Improved Weekly Reward! Companion Outfit Lockboxes are now awarded for completing the Mission “[WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation.” Each lockbox contains a full set of rating 192 armor for its specified companion.


  • It is no longer possible to loot or complete the Weekly Mission for the final boss of The Ravagers without completing the Operation.

  • Made changes to address ongoing performance issues, including addressing GUI and general area performance.

  • The Third Anniversary vendors have been returned to normal duty and are no longer present on either Fleet.

  • The Third Anniversary discount for the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds has ended, and the Strongholds have returned to their normal purchase cost.

  • The Skarkla Vanity Pet can no longer be used at the same time as other pets.

  • People with access to the Shadow of Revan expansion who have not received their welcome In-Game Mail and Rishi Idol Decoration will now receive them.

  • The Galactic History Codex Entries granted upon discovery of the Rishi Datacrons now display their intended text.

  • The "Yavin 4" Codex Entry is now granted automatically with "The Coalition" Lore Codex Entry during the Mission "Confederacy.”

  • The Achievements "Imperial Fire" and "Republic Torch" have had their descriptions changed for clarity. They now read "Complete the Mission "Torch's Flame" on a Republic character." and “Complete the Mission "Torch's Flame" on an Imperial character.” The Achievement goals remain the unchanged.

  • The Achievement "Defeat Torch" is now obtainable by defeating Torch in the Blood Hunt Flashpoint.

  • Updated the achievements for “Revanite Beatdown!,” “Revanite Takedown!,” and “Revanite Showdown!” to only give credit for enemies that players have to defeat in the Battle of Rishi Flashpoint.

  • Updated the description on Ultimate Commendations to better describe where they can be acquired.

  • Updated the description on Elite Commendations to better describe where they can be acquired.

  • Corrected the Orgus Din voice actor listing in the Shadow of Revan credits.

  • Map icons displayed while on the Mission "Heart of the Aggressor" now correctly turn off when the tasks are completed.

Cartel Market

  • The new Acolyte’s Shadow Pack has been added to the Cartel Market!

  • The cape on the Revan Reborn Breastplate no longer stretches in some circumstances.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight


  • Visionary and Blade Turning are now automatically granted upon becoming a Guardian, rather than requiring training.


  • The tooltip for Guardian Slash now indicates that the Guardian must be in Soresu Form for Guardian Slash to enable Riposte.


  • Expunging Camouflage now properly causes Force Camouflage to remove all cleansable effects when activated.


  • Changed the icon for Shii-Cho Mastery to differ it from Decisive Slashes.


  • Changed the icon for Repelling Blows to differ it from Cauterize.

Sith Warrior



  • Lash Out’s tooltip now accurately states that it reduces Retaliation’s cooldown to 3 seconds when using Saber Ward in Soresu Form.

  • The tooltip for Crushing Blow now indicates that the Juggernaut must be in Soresu Form for Crushing Blow to enable Retaliation.

Jedi Consular


  • Fixed inaccuracies in the tooltip for Upheaval. It now correctly states that it has a 50% chance to activate a second Project and that it increases damage dealt by 5%.


  • Cascading Force now properly increases the range of Mind Crush by 5 meters.

  • Fixed the Tidal Force tooltip description to properly state that Telekinetic Wave consumes 50% less Force.

Sith Inquisitor



  • Fixed the Lightning Storm tooltip description to properly state that Chain Lightning consumes 50% less Force.

  • Fixed Lightning Bolt tooltip error that stated that the ability has a cooldown.


  • Fixed an issue which caused various Smuggler abilities to sometimes shoot the ground between the feet of certain non-humanoid targets, rather than shooting locations on the target.


  • Fixed Gunslinger Snap Shot utility proc tooltip description to include Dirty Blast.

  • Diversion now appropriately has a Republic insignia for the target area while the effect is active, rather than an Imperial one.

Dirty Fighting

  • Corrected a typo in the Cheap Shots tooltip.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • The Bonus Bosses for the following Hard Mode Flashpoints have had their loot drops increased to better reflect their relative difficulty:

    • Legacy of the Rakata

    • Depths of Manaan

    • Assault on Tython

    • Korriban Incursion

  • The following Hard Mode Flashpoints have had their Commendation rewards revised to coincide with new level 60 content and bosses now reward Basic instead of Elite Commendations and Elite instead of Ultimate Commendations:

    • Hammer Station

    • Athiss

    • Mandalorian Raiders

    • Cademimu

    • Czerka Corporate

    • Czerka Meltdown

  • The following Hard Mode Flashpoints have had their Commendation drops changed from Basic to Elite:

    • Assault on Tython

    • Korriban Incursion

    • Depths of Manaan

    • Legacy of the Rakata

  • The following Operations have had their Commendation rewards revised to coincide with new Level 60 content, and the encounters now reward Basic Commendations instead of Elite Commendations and Elite Commendations instead of Ultimate Commendations:

    • Scum and Villainy (Story Mode, Hard Mode, Nightmare Mode)

    • Terror From Beyond (Story Mode, Hard Mode, Nightmare Mode)

    • Toborro’s Courtyard (Story Mode, Hard Mode)

    • The Dread Fortress (Story Mode, Hard Mode)

    • The Dread Palace (Story Mode, Hard Mode)

  • Group Finder options have been updated:

    • The Hard Mode Flashpoints (Level 50) category has been renamed to Hard Mode Flashpoints (Classic).

    • Players can now queue for the Level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints at Level 60 through the Hard Mode Flashpoint (Classic) category.

    • The Level 55 Tactical Flashpoints can be queued for through Level 60 in the Tactical Flashpoint category.

    • Added Yavin 4 (Daily) to Planetary Destinations at Level 60.

  • Rewards for Group Finder Missions have been revamped to include the new content:

    • Story and Tactical Flashpoints now award Basic Commendations.

    • Hard Mode Flashpoints now award Elite Commendations.

    • Operations now award Ultimate Commendations.

  • The Black Talon and The Esseles have been moved to the Tactical Flashpoint category, and now once again function through the Group Finder.

The Ravagers
  • 16-Player Story Mode Quartermaster Bulo has been rebalanced:

    • Reduced the damage of Barrel Throw.

    • Reduced the damage of Barrage and Mass Barrage.

    • Load Lifters deal reduced damage.

    • Load Lifters are less likely to target all the same person.

    • Load Lifters now target randomly instead of the nearest player.

    • Load Lifters now avoid targeting the same person multiple times.

  • Drunken Pirates no longer get multiple “Barrel Carry” buffs during the Quartermaster Bulo encounter.

  • The Dangerous Fire Device no longer appears prior to fighting Torque.

  • Torque's “Magnetic Clamps” now has the duration displayed.

  • Torque’s “Shoots Lasers” Droids now continuously try to attack Repair Droids.

  • Torque's “Massive Wrench Blow” no longer has lightsaber visual effects.

  • Repair Droids no longer avoid The Secondaries when they are damaged during Hard Mode Torque.

  • Both droid dispenser panels now turn off after Torque is defeated.

  • Fixed an issue where Ion Pulse Wave was not hitting all targets within its proper visual area of effect during the BO-55 Master Droid encounter.

  • Players who are defeated during the Coratanni encounter will be automatically revived at the end of the encounter.

Temple of Sacrifice
  • All defeated Operation members are now revived when a player reaches the Machine Core level during the Story Mode Revan encounter.

  • Players who fall into the pit under The Machine platforms after the Revan encounter has been completed will no longer be stuck.

  • Unstable Aberrations now penetrate ballistic immunity effects during the Hard Mode Revan encounter.

  • The Underlurker no longer fails to use his Devastation ability during his encounter.

  • Story Mode Sword Squadron has been rebalanced:

    • 8 and 16-Player:

      • Reduced the damage of Not So Huge Grenade.

      • Reduced the damage of Rapid Fire.

      • Reduced the damage of Ground Burst Missile.

    • 16-Player Only:

      • Reduced the overall damage of both walkers slightly.

Dread Palace
  • The Healing Challenge during the Nightmare Mode Dread Master Raptus encounter is now able to be completed.

Dread Fortress
  • Fixed an issue which was causing Energy Spheres to incorrectly prioritize targets during the Dread Master Brontes encounter.

Assault on Tython
  • The Absorption Shields of the Imperial Operators are now correctly removed in all cases during the Hard Mode Major Imos/Major Travik encounter.

Battle of Rishi
  • The AL-5 Assault Droid no longer stops working if a player uses stealth or threat drop abilities while it is channeling its laser during the Rarrok and Marko Ka encounter.

  • Addressed an issue where NPCs that were pushed off a cliff/platform did not die as expected.

Blood Hunt
  • Kyramla Gemas'rugam the Jungle Wampa now correctly resets when moved outside of the intended combat area.

  • The Mandalorian Hunters that spawn during the encounter with Jungle Wampa now attack the players as intended.

  • The door to the Tracyn Island stadium now correctly closes when Jos and Valk Beroya are engaged in combat. Jos and Valk no longer target players who have died and returned to the entrance to the stadium.

  • Valk Beroya now correctly use her Rail Shot ability when combat conditions are met.

  • Players now revive at the correct check point after being knocked off the stadium platform.

  • Dralne Be Te Oya'karir now correctly resets if he tries to leave the intended combat area.

  • Shae Vizla got her vision checked and now recognizes Bounty Hunters who are Mandalorians.

Depths of Manaan
  • Hard Mode M2-AUX Foreman now drops loot.

  • The exit beacon now correctly reads 'Exit to Manaan' (instead of 'Exit to Fleet') in the Solo Mode version of the Flashpoint.

  • In Solo Mode, the GSI Droid is now much better about not attacking Sairisi when he has a Riot Shield active.

Items + Economy

  • Jawa Scrap Vendors have, after much negotiation, made arrangements with local smugglers to circumvent an ongoing embargo, and now sell Grade 11 Crafting Materials.

  • Stimpack tooltips have been updated to indicate that they persist for 8 hours.

  • The new Rishi and Yavin 4 Decorations available from vendors have had their values fixed so they may be sold for more than zero credits.

  • “Yavin Mender” and “Targeter MK-1 Boots” Armor pieces have been fixed for Body Type 4, and the boots no longer hover to the side of the wearer’s foot.

  • The items below were duplicated. One of the duplicates has been changed to be an Offhand version, and its name has been changed to include “Offhand:”

    • The Devoted Allies Assault Blaster Pistol is now the Devoted Allies Assault Offhand Blaster Pistol

    • The Devoted Allies Assault Lightsaber is now the Devoted Allies Assault Offhand Lightsaber

  • The missions “Welcome to Rishi” and “Fates Unsealed” now offer the appropriate rifle for Vanguards.

  • The “Holo Sign: Hovering Rishi Dancer” Decoration is no longer incorrectly designated as a Cartel Market item.

  • Updated the descriptions for the Rishi Outlaw Swoop and Concordian Scout Craft Vehicles.

  • The following Mission reward items have had their Enhancements updated to be more consistent:

    • Raider's Cove Bulwark's Lightsaber

    • Alliance Bulwark's Lightsaber

    • Sky Ridge Bulwark's Lightsaber

    • Alliance Bulwark's Shield

    • Raider's Cove Bulwark's Shield

    • Sky Ridge Bulwark's Shield

    • Fixed numerous bugs with the following items:

    • Alliance Targeter's Vibroknife

    • Raider's Cove Targeter's Vibroknife

    • Sky Ridge Targeter's Vibroknife

    • Alliance Mender's Vibroknife

    • Raider's Cove Mender's Vibroknife

    • Sky Ridge Mender's Vibroknife

    • Alliance Targeter's Shotgun

    • Raider's Cove Targeter's Shotgun

    • Sky Ridge Targeter's Shotgun

    • Alliance Mender's Shotgun

    • Raider's Cove Mender's Shotgun

    • Sky Ridge Mender's Shotgun

  • The following Companion weapons have had their level updated:

    • Devoted Allies Assault Vibroblade

    • Devoted Allies Defense Vibroblade

  • Corrected the icons for the Decorations “Arrangement: Rishi Baskets,” “Arrangement: Rishi Crates,” and “Arrangement: Yavin Crates.”

  • The Republic Squadron Commander Pilot Suit lockbox is now Bind on Pickup instead of Bind on Legacy.

Missions + NPCs

  • Light Side/Dark Side point gains have been added to Moral Choices in the Rishi Missions "An Enemy Twice Over", "Lingering Hate" and "Path of Betrayal.”

  • The appropriate Light Side and Dark Side points are now awarded during individual Class Missions on Rishi that call for Moral Choices.

  • Credit and Experience rewards for Daily Missions on Rishi and Yavin IV have been normalized.

  • The Mission “The Great Beast Hunt” now also provides gear usable by either Broonmark or Bowdaar.

  • Companion Outfit Lockboxes are now awarded for completing the Mission “[WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation.”

  • Scavenging, Bioanalysis and Archaeology Wealthy Missions now give more materials.

  • Players beginning the Mission “Torch's Flame” can no longer see duplicates of Lana and Theron.

  • Jedi Consular Companions no longer walk through the table in the conversation during the Mission "Barsen'thor's Legacy” on Rishi.

  • Access Missions for Hard Mode Assault on Tython and Hard Mode Korriban Incursion are now able to be shared.


  • Removed a location in the Corellia Arena Warzone that could be accessed unintentionally.

  • Ship Parts no longer affect the Bolster system.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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