Team Fortress 2, a game already known for it's player customization is getting even more nuique weapons. The Gun Mettle Update's main feature is the new Campaign which runs for 3 months and is purchaseable for $6. In the campaign, players will be given skill based missions (I.E. Take X amount of damage as a heavy and survive) that will reward one of a kind weapons when completed. Each contract will award a weapon and you can complete up to two contracts a week. 

How are the weapons you'll receive one of a kind? Each weapon is given a "uniquely placed paint job" that will be at least somewhat different than anyone elses.In addition to the paint job, weapons also come in 6 different rarities and 5 different levels of wear and tear.

Other new additions included in the update are:

  • The ability to inspect your weapon in game.
  • New community maps.
  • A new 3 point control map.
  • All new weapons added to the weapon crates.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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