If you haven't already noticed, Ten Ton Hammer and the team have taken to Twitch. We wanted to let you guys know because we've worked hard on making it look nice and have time schedules to meet everyone's viewing needs. We've been streaming anything from Titanfall to WildStar and will continue to stream a variety of games depending on what we feel like at the time. Our Twitch times are the following:

Monday- Xerin, 6pm EST
Tuesday - Skyla, 8pm EST
Wednesday - Lewis, 4pm EST
Thursday - Skyla, 8pm EST
Saturday- Xerin, 6pm EST
Sunday - Lewis, 10am EST

Please note that these might be subject to change, depending on staff availability, so be sure to visit our Twitch page for any updates. Don't forget to Follow us if you want alerts as to when we go live.

Most importantly, if there's any games you want us to stream that you think others might enjoy watching, drop me a line at lewisb[at]tentonhammer.com. See you in the channel!


Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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Lover of all things MOBA, Lewis splits his time between Heroes of the Storm, Battlerite and SMITE.