Guilds can now join one of TERA’s three new alliances as part of the latest update to gain access to that guild’s exclusive content. Joining an alliance will provide guilds with a few benefits, not the least of which is access to Noctenium, a new element used to enhance skills. Alliance members can also compete in PvP battles to win the element, access new quests, and even rise through the ranks to become exarch over an entire continent.

Exarchs have a bit more powerful than the less powerful player-elected vanarchs. Players that become exarchs will have the power to appoint three special commanders to oversee raid, security, and supplies within their alliance, delegate policy, set taxes within the region, and much more.

Guild leaders can decide what faction their guild will join and thus far there are three to choose from.

Free Traders Collective

  • The exarch of the Free Traders Collective sets taxes and policy for the entire continent of Southern Arun.
  • You can find their headquarters in Free Traders Hall in the Velika Outskirts.
  • The Free Traders Collective uses noctenium as a means toward financial prosperity. Members of the collective earn 1 percent more gold from monsters.

Enlightened Union

  • The exarch of the Enlightened Union sets taxes and policy for the entire continent of Southern Shara.
  • You can find their headquarters in Enlightened Union Hall in the Allemantheia Outskirts.
  • The Enlightened Union studies noctenium in academic pursuits. Members of the union gain 5 percent additional reputation credits for daily quests.

Iron Order

  • The exarch of the Iron Order sets taxes and policy for the entire continent of Northern Shara.
  • You can find their headquarters in Iron Order Hall in the Kaiator Outskirts.
  • The Iron Order employs noctenium to achieve superior strength. Members of the order receive 5 percent additional stun resistance.

Sound like fun? Check out the patch notes and the Alliance guide to learn more.

Source: TERA Alliances Have launched

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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