What's a political race without a little scandal? TERA players are in an uproar after discovering that some guilds have managed to create dummy guilds to feed off of the guild vs guild mechanic and capture the PvP vanarch seats, a player position of power over one of TERA's lands. A post on the official TERA forums discusses the issue by offering flames and suggestions on how to fix the problem.

TERA’s Senior Producer Brian Knox chimed in on the thread to assure players that guild feeding is not an acceptable path to becoming a vanarch and that measures would be taken to address the issue.

To quote Minea.

"Using another guild composed of alternate characters to farm GvG points for the vanarch election is not an acceptable way to become a vanarch and we take this matter seriously. We are investigating this issue and will take appropriate action."

To add further clarify, we are going to continue to iterate on the GvG system and plug holes where needed. I have seen many good ideas of how to 'fix it' but none are bullet proof. In the meantime we are going to take action and reset points to 0 if you are kill trading with alts.

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Source: TERA Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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